Clivia – A brief history

A brief history

Clivias belong to the family Amaryllidaceae (bulbous plants bearing lilly-type flowers). It is hypothesised that the Amaryllidaceae originated in western Africa.

Increasing drought forced members of this family to diversify and adapt and also migrate along with the Afromontane forests.

Six species of Clivia have been identified to date (C. caulescens, C. gardenii, C. miniata, C. mirabilis, C. nobilis and C. robusta).

Clivia mirabilis eventually found refuge in the Oorlogskloof canyon and the other five species landed up along the east coast (the Eastern Cape, Pondoland, KwaZulu-Natal, Mpumalanga, Limpopo and Swaziland).

It is worth noting that Clivias are endemic to southern Africa and, although now propagated all over the world, are found nowhere else in the wild.

This article was taken from the Clivia Society.