Clivia miniata

Clivia miniata (Lindley) Regel

Boslelie (afr), Bush Lily (eng), Natal lily 

Distribution: From the Kei Mouth in the Eastern Cape to Baberton in Mpumalanga, including KwaZulu-Natal and Swaziland

Habitat:  Under tree cover in escarpment, mistbelt and coastal riverine forests growing in leaf mould on the forest floor and in loose rocky habitats such as sandstone, rhyolites and dolerite.

Status: Vulnerable

Plant size: ±500 mm in height, growing in clumps or large colonies.

Leaves: Dark green, hairless and tapering towards a pointed tip with leave bases overlapping.  ±500 x 65 mm.

Flowers: Flowering time for C. miniata is from August to November (Spring – early Summer). Flowers are approximately 70 mm in diameter with ± 30 in inflorescence. The peduncle is ± 450 mm long. Colour yellow, orange to red.


The seeds are carried for approximately 9 months in berries which ripens during winter. There are up to 20 seeds in the berry but < 10 is the norm.

Original description:

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