Welcome to the Eastern Province Clivia Club

Welcome to “The Club without borders” one of the friendliest Clivia Clubs in South Africa with headquarters in the sea side City of Port Elizabeth situated on the Sunshine Coast.

Our Club was established in 1999 as an Interest Group and became a Constituent Clivia Club of the Clivia Society in 2002.

We consider ourselves as the custodians of the Clivia plant in the Eastern Province and our main objective is to save the plant from extinction in order to preserve it for future generations. We therefore promote interest in the cultivation, breeding and hybridization of the plant and not only provide free expert advise on all topics but also negotiate the best possible deals with suppliers on all needed products to the benefit of our members.

The Clivia family consists of 6 species namely C. nobilis, C. miniata, C. gardenii, C. caulescens, C. mirabilis and C. robusta. History has it that the C. nobilis plant was the first ever Clivia species discovered during the early 1800’s within the borders of the Eastern Province.

We are fortunate to have a whole group of well known Clivia growers who stock quality plants including most of the species found in South Africa.

Our quarterly open meetings to which we invite our members as well as the public are informal and very informative with guest speakers, workshops on various Clivia topics, question and answer sessions and plant raffles. At these gatherings we offer colour charts, literature on Clivia, etc. at most reasonable prices and allow the sale of plants, seeds and other Clivia related matter commission free. All this is rounded off with friendly chats whilst enjoying some refreshments

The highlight of our activities is of course our annual shows displaying a variety of Clivia flowers.  We allow free entry of show plants with a small commission charged on sales of plants, seeds, etc.

Benefits when joining our Club include amongst others one of the lowest membership free in the Country, a free yellow seedling, Clivia news booklets and yearbook with informative topics and lovely coloured photos of Clivia flowers.

Our application form can be obtained by clicking here.


By Willie Le Roux,
Honorary Life Member of the Clivia Society and Eastern Province Clivia Club